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I pay pretty much full price for everything we buy in our house hold. The majority are found in the Alps, 7 floors of hell discount coupons, most notable in Italy and Austria. I did not see a single good comment about your business. And paying for elective renovations with anything other than cash is folly. Once a week we still talk about the misery we suffered. We used the dabbing technique with sponges and then coated it with a water based poly coat. We had our eyes on revamping this kitchen from the start, but we decided to wait and see if that desire held up.

Sherry spearman May 30, at 5: I was going to purchase a 5 ft plastic pool.. I am the customer right? This is just 80 cents right? And the guy at the register seemed to be new and kept asking the store manager for help and he would shrug and say ask the other manager. It was a horror movie. The guy in front of me had problems and the woman before him. She says owe and your telling me you never heard this policy?

Im astonished at this point that that is even what she says. So again I ask her name. She pauses and says quita. Horrible experience over 80 cents. I guess it was worth it for them. Latoya May 9, at 4: I put the receipt in the bag and threw the dang bag away.

Of course I want the full price.. Well they were not having it so I called corporate. The lady on the phone was upset because she told me what they said and thought she was just gonna dismiss me. Well I asked to speak with someone else and she got upset and continued to repeat the same sentence.

She put me on hold with an attitude and came back and said no one else was available. She said she would relay the message to them and all this is over 80cents. No more long waits and poor service as this store believes in the Golden Rule. I have never had an experience like the one I just had. I purchased 4 rolls of wrapping paper and they rung up. She asked the nasty store manager and she said no as well. I asked if they could take them down or charge me.

I told her that I would call Corporate. She asked if I needed the number in her funky tone. She asked again, you want the number? I called corporate and they made a case Curtis Frizell March 3, at When I went back to let the manager know he got upset and said what am i suppose to do. Thank you i will be calling labor and relations on him too cause that was uncalled for. HH February 13, at 3: My hands were going faster than my mind.

I was visiting my grandmother in columbiana. Al and went into the freds there and found it to be a very nice store, as well as the employees Seeing the contrast of this nice store to my home store in Ga made me want to leave a commit which i did leave a hearsay commit.

However as i said visiting in columbiana i accidentally typed in columbiana instead of ga. I tried to correct but was unable to I even called the corporate office to have it corrected they tried but said it had to be done from my end, which i tried but there is no way that i know of to correct or delete the commit. I also tried my cell phone carrier for assistance but they were of no help. So i do apologize for the error but please keep in mind its not the columbiana,al store its my home store in Ga.

This those teach me to not post anymore commits. HH February 10, at The manager and employees are very unfriendly and they look dirt one young girl looks like a witch with her shoe polish dyed hair and ungroomed, not to mention unfriendly and they stand around talking about customers they know behind their backs.

This manager hires only friends and friends families without checking their work history. This manager it has been told tells employees they can stand behind the counter talking, eating and drinking, she doesnt mind.

This same manager hired a friends daughter whom i was told by the most recent employee that had sex in the store bathroom with different guys Ive been told that ones they know can use another bar code and ring beer up for beer.

Also, they are ringing up items they want for ten cents by using other codes. We need a freds but it needs to be cleaned out with a complete new manager and employees. They are going to have to start wearing unform dressing, but this doesnt change what goes on in the store. This bunch is to comfortable and dont care, they think they are secure in their jobs. And this information was giving to me from an employee working there. This store down to employees and management is like playton place.

This person told me the local police use to hang around at closing time, i dont know if they still do, havent ask. This place makes your skin craw Arnold Butts February 9, at 2:

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