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We choose to have indoor seating since lately weather are extremely hot, very comfortable seat with nice table arrangement. Outdoor seating with awesome sea view. The rice is firm and nicely cook, enough vinegar to create the right sushi flavor, it is not too moist or hard as well. Beef Satay and Chicken Stay are both very soft and flavorful. There is proper seating area with one single conveyor sushi legend discount coupon in the middle of restaurant, which mean that customer seating on the side table will have to grab sushi by walking to the conveyor belt. Start our buffet with some fresh fruitsover to fruit counter consists of Pineapple, Watermelon and Honey Dew. Ample of parking space available at Elite Avenue, the restaurant is now fully pack with customer due to it attractive RM1, sushi legend discount coupon.

The root system of Pando, at an estimated 80, years old but possibly 1 million years oldis among the oldest known living organisms. The stems of Pando appear to be trunks of individual trees. Pando is the largest and possibly oldest tree colony although it is very difficult to estimate the age of a clonal colony. Trees are not easy to date while live. Clonal trees are much harder to date than single trees because there is no single set of rings to count.

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