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My 2 tool I also use daily is my Hamilton Beach personal blender. In the summer I pour the mochas over a big cup of ice cubes for a Starbucks style iced mocha. Combine the prepared pudding and oatmeal. The flavor combinations are endless. Be sure and deduct the tomatoes from your Green one vegetable serving. Another thing I love coffee cow coupons discounts make is frozen candy bars. I got mine at Wal-Mart, but amazon has it for the same price with an extra jar and lid!

It is free and easy to use and gives you cash back on your online purchases. No one likes lumps in their drink! To get a smooth, creamy texture, put the powder into a large mug. Use a fork or a mini-whisk to get it smooth. Then boil the rest of the water microwave or mini water boiler and add slowly while stirring. I like to make the Hot Cocoa with coffee instead of water to create a mocha.

You can also add 1 Tbsp of any sugar free syrup caramel, hazelnut, raspberry, etc OR a few drops of any extract peppermint, orange, coconut OR a few shakes of cinnamon mixed in with the powder to make a flavored Hot Cocoa or Mocha.

In the summer I pour the mochas over a big cup of ice cubes for a Starbucks style iced mocha. Just mix 1 Tbsp of powdered PB2 into the cocoa powder before mixing and making into hot cocoa.

Hot Cocoa also makes great frozen truffles. Just put the powder in a bowl, add 3 Tbsp of water or you can use 2T water and 1T any flavor sugar free syrup , mix until smooth and drop by teaspoons onto waxed paper on a plate. Freeze until firm at least an hour. These are amazing if you also add 1 Tbsp peanut butter optional snack OR 1 Tbsp cream cheese healthy fat.

Chai makes decent truffles as well, same method. The most common issue with the Cranberry Mango drink and the Tropical Punch is: I personally like them both over ice, or made in the blender with water and ice to create a slushie.

Try adding extra water until they suit your taste. You can also freeze them to make popsicles out of them. The puddings are one of my favorite Medifast foods because they are so versatile! You can make a lot of different things with them! I use a mini whisk. They set up faster if you use very cold water. You can also add flavorings to the puddings, like sugar free syrups or spices. I love the chocolate pudding this way; reminds me of cooked Jello pudding.

For the BEST shakes: Rich and creamy and once again, you can add flavors. I like coffee in my chocolate shakes. Banana pudding makes a delicious shake, and it is great with PB2 added if you like peanut butter and banana. For a "root beer float" shake: I blend everything with a half can of soda first and then when it is smooth, add the rest and blend.

The vanilla is also good with a diet orange soda tastes like creamsicle! Great stuff as is, or you can add flavorings, coffee, peanut butter, or cream cheese. Packs in too many calories. I sometimes add 1 tsp plain unsweetened cocoa for a dark chocolate effect.

I am not a huge fan of vanilla pudding, but it can be made into shakes and frosties and then you can add flavors, like sugar free syrups, Walden Farms strawberry jelly, or a spoonful of Matcha powder for a green tea shake. My favorite is the French Toast shake. See recipe under "Shakes" below.

Another thing I love to make is frozen candy bars. You can make a totally simple, on plan meal that is the same size as a regular candy bar and, if you use chocolate pudding, looks much like a Crunch bar. This recipe uses no additional condiments so it is a real winner! Mix up one packet of pudding according to package directions. Place one Medifast Crunch bar in a bowl and microwave it for 15 seconds to soften.

Smoosh up the crunch bar with a spatula or spoon and then stir in the pudding. Mix and smoosh well until it is all incorporated. Spread this mixture into a container the size of two candy bars, or two smaller containers. I line my glass pan with wax paper. Spread it out and freeze for 2 hours. Remove from container and if you used one larger container, cut the big bar in half and wrap one for later use keep frozen.

This makes 2 Medifast meals and they keep well in the freezer and are even better after freezing overnight! The flavor combinations are endless. For a Crunch bar flavor I use a caramel crunch bar and a chocolate pudding. Some other yummy combinations: Try different combinations and enjoy! I tried making it with crushed ice. I tried using a snow cone maker and then adding the mix. I just never liked the texture. And when you freeze it to make it harder, it gets solid as a rock.

Give it a shot with crushed or shaved ice. A lot of people do like it that way. You can also make cookies out of the soft serve. I found this recipe on the Medifast forums. I thought they were fantastic! So I highly recommend freezing these. Mix well and drop onto parchment paper to make 7 cookies. Bake at degrees for 12 minutes. Cool and freeze if you can! ALL of the soups benefit from "soaking" them which means adding hot water and letting them sit for awhile before eating. The cream soups can be fine with a short soak, but unless you want to break a tooth on a bean or pea you ought to soak the chili, chicken noodle soup, and wild rice soup for a few hours.

You can add the boiling water and then put the soup in a thermos for later. You can add the water the night before and keep it in the fridge overnight, and reheat when ready to eat.

But please soak the soups. They are so much better. Flavor can be brightened by using low sodium broth instead of water when making the soups. You can add black pepper, hot sauce, onion powder, etc, but remember to count the condiments. You can add some of your Lean to a soup as well, such as cubed chicken, but remember to subtract it from your dinner later. Cream of Chicken is excellent with some fresh spinach added, or some chopped cooked mushrooms for a "cream of mushroom" spin.

Cook on the stovetop til nice and hot. Be sure and deduct the tomatoes from your Green one vegetable serving. So instead, I make Soup Chips out of it. Just mix the powdered soup with 3 Tbsp of water to make a smooth paste.

I like to add a tsp of yellow mustard Then spray a glass dish or Corelle plate with Pam. Spread the batter on it as thin as possible. Microwave for 2 minutes and if it is solid enough, flip it with a spatula if not, cook 30 more seconds, then flip. Then cook for 30 seconds, checking each time until it is somewhat browned but not burned.

Let cool completely and break into chips. These are great with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese as a "dip. When I was a kid I always liked having a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup. The original recipe adds 2T salsa, but I leave that out. I add 1 Tbsp water instead. Pour this mixture into a preheated sandwich maker 4 little triangles , shut, and cook until done. Remove to a plate. Take 1 slice of fat free American cheese, cut it in half, and put each half between 2 triangles to make sandwiches.

You can also make flatbread out of the Cream of Tomato soup and maybe from the Cream of Chicken, too, although I have not tried it.

I found this recipe on the Medifast support boards and apparently it has been around for a long time. This large piece of flatbread is firm yet soft and can be eaten plain, topped with a portion of cheese from your Lean, used as a pizza crust, or spread with Laughing Cow cheese. You could also use it to make a veggie wrap with some of your Green portion and a bit of on-plan dressing.

Bake at degrees for minutes. Well, you either love it or you hate it.

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