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This can save you on wasted time and bandwidth. This has worked for me and now hundreds of my students. Overall, I am glad that I bought the product because it delivered the value it promised, best crystal discount coupon. However, it is best to use this only after you feel a bit comfortable about your hold on concepts. So this simulator mimics real PMP exam as closely as possible!

This helps you set a plan for entire syllabus coverage. This was a tremendous help for me. Content Delivery Cornelius has a great voice and intonation. And of course his impeccable sense of humor. His presentation style is unique and it feels as if he is talking to us directly. Entire course is recorded in studio settings giving you crystal clear voice quality. This is an essential part of an educational product. On a lighter note, his lesson ending comments are quite hilarious at times.

Having said this it is a good complement. PM PrepCast has over study resources. Cornelius throws in a bunch of bonuses as well! Access to our Exam Discussion Forums Bonus 5: Sample Exam Score Worksheet Bonus 6: Contact Hours Worksheet 5. Industry Acceptance More than 42, people and counting! The episodes are small so even if you get mins you can go through one episode. Even if you looked purely from price point perspective PM PrepCast would be a winner.

Compare some of them here — 8. Unlimited access Many online courses give access for a limited time. But PM PrepCast has unlimited access, which means one can use this to refresh the knowledge from time to time without investing more money. Cornelius Fichtner Being a self-confessed educator I fell in love with the teaching style of Cornelius the first time I watched one of his videos. There is a feel of reassurance in his voice.

His command over the language and ability to simplify the complex subject and style of delivery with an infused dose humor is a treat to watch. Well, if I have raised this point more than once here, you know why now. It is not easy to get this accredition. This further needs to be re-certified regularly to maintain the high level of quality. No wonder PM PrepCast is of such high quality. No-questions-asked money back guarantee You get life time access to this product.

However, if you are not happy with the product for any reason you have day money back guarantee, making this a totally risk-free investment. Here are few real episodes from the PrepCast. Download Speed I personally think that download speed could have been better but then there is an alternative available.

You can either watch in iTunes or download and view in your favorite player. If not what you can do is this — a. Benefit of this is that you can continue partial download even if your internet connection goes down during download.

This can save you on wasted time and bandwidth. Select a bunch of videos to download from PM PrepCast dashboard web page and set up them up in the download software to download in the background. Or, you can select all the files for download in the evening and let it download during night. Presentation pace When it comes to delivery I personally prefer a bit of fast paced delivery, as it helps me understand overall picture faster.

I found the presentation pace of PM PrepCast a bit on the slower side. If you too prefer a faster pace, not to worry, there is an solution available!

This will save you ton of time, especially when you have to go through them multiple times for revision. The current set of examples are great no doubt, but I personally would have liked a few more, based on the context. For instance, at the end of Earned Value method calculations episode have some sample exam questions that show how to interpret the questions and apply EVM formulas to solve them. Overall, I am glad that I bought the product because it delivered the value it promised.

Many people have written to me asking for help since they have failed PMP exam once or more. Investing in PM PrepCast and Exam Simulator for a cost much lesser than re-examination cost and acing the exam in very first attempt is far far better compared to the agony and wastage of time and efforts of re-examination. Therefore I urge you to really consider investing in your exam preparation. Have you took part in a play or dance, or any stage performance? I was 10th grade when I did my first stage appearance — a play.

In front of entire school and their families, probably about a thousand people. We had practiced the play in our classroom for about 4 months and I was so confident with my part that I could belt out the dialogs even when woken up from sleep. Or so I thought. Till the day of the play.

I was in the first act of the play and as I came on to the stage, I looked at the crowd… and I froze. Just stood there, not able to remember my dialog. Most of successful performers do this.

Many Cricket legends are known to shadow practice on the pitch on days leading up to the match. Practicing anything increases familiarity and reduces anxiety. When you take a 4-hour simulated exam, you learn several things — How to start well, keep momentum in the middle and then end the exam What to do, what not to do during the exam there are NO scheduled breaks during the exam How to deal with tough questions and to manage your 4 hours of exam time in the most efficient manner You may discover that your understanding of some of the concepts is flawed, or there is another way of interpreting the application of these concepts Whether free or paid, it is a must that you take up mock tests — at least full-length tests in order to feel confident about doing well in the exam.

Read on to know how you can get this book for free. It is calculated using a sound psychometric analysis. In essence this means that the harder questions are worth more than the easier questions.

So you get a higher score if you answer more of the harder questions correctly and a lower score if you answer more of the easier questions correctly. The minimum score needed to pass is determined by the overall difficultly of your individual exam.

This has helped test my understanding of each knowledge area and also helped me plan for the real 4-hr exam. However, it is best to use this only after you feel a bit comfortable about your hold on concepts. I would recommend you attempt this in the last week before the exam. You can also filter to view specific group of questions per knowledge area, for instance so you can answer marked questions quickly. This is one of the most appreciated simulator features.

The BEST reason why you will love this simulator: So this simulator mimics real PMP exam as closely as possible! Cornelius himself provides few delicious bonuses with this simulator: In case this unfortunate event happens, no worries — you can get another 90 day extension to your Simulator free of cost! Your day countdown starts not from the date of purchase, but from the date you take your very first mock test! So now there is no need to worry of expiry of access in case you are yet to schedule your exam date.

This has worked for me and now hundreds of my students. Try it on your mock test and make changes as needed. Go through all questions answering only the easy ones. This gives you a HUGE psychological boost. Gets you into a great frame of mind knowing that you have all good apples in the basket. Even if you take 2. Attempt all Formula based questions at one go. Leave the difficult ones for later.

This is crucial time saver! Attempt lengthy questions, leaving difficult ones for later Lengthy questions are usually simple ones. It just takes time to go over and understand them. One of my book makes it easier to spot 13 different types of questions and answer them quickly applying specific strategies. You can get it for free — more on it in a bit. Round 4 — Attempt remaining ones Now you probably have about mins left, and questions.

Attempt them in leisure. This approach optimizes your time and maximizes your chances of getting more questions right with least stress. I think I got about of them. This is given contextually so you get to learn-and-apply formulas by each topic. Thanks for your formula guide, it worked really well for me.

Mind mapping is an effective means of taking notes and brainstorm complex topics. A mind map involves writing down a central theme or topic and thinking of new and related ideas which branch out from the center. By focusing on key ideas written down using your own words and looking for connections between them, you can map new information in a way that will help you better understand and retain information. Mind mapping helps you to, clear your thinking.

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