If you get a better offer in the mail for trash service, call your current trash company and ask them to beat the offer. Use flexible spending accounts. Or buy your paper goods from a bulk store to save, pmi discount coupon. Are you going to be leaving your pmi discount coupon to sit in the garage for a couple of weeks while you go on vacation? Keep yourself out of the picture:

Save on Investments Here at Dough Roller, we talk a lot about getting into the habit of spending less than you make. Instead, start with just a few of these easy tips and tricks. Incorporate more of them into your spending plan every month.

You could soon find yourself saving hundreds—or even thousands! Have questions about these tips? Feel free to email me! Or continue the discussion in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Rebates, Coupons, and More Earn cash back on every online purchase: Ebates is free to join and easy to use. Get cash back every time you shop online: Swagbucks is a free site that enables you to earn gift cards whenever you shop online.

Track your money effortlessly: Most of us hate to budget. I know I do. Now there are free online budget tools that can track everything from your monthly spending to your retirement accounts. You might be surprised how much you can save when you just keep a closer eye on your spending. Personal Capital has a free version and upgrade options and is our preferred platform for tracking your finances and investments.

Send away for and follow up on rebates. After you buy a product with a rebate, send in the form that day. If you can, file the rebate online for easier processing. It adds up surprisingly quickly. And if you rarely spend cash, you can save your virtual change using an app like Qoins. But there are some great apps that let you do this in just a few seconds for everyday items, too. That way you can be sure to always get the best price.

Save Through Good Management Improve your credit score. A good credit score can save you thousands of dollars in interest on everything from a home loan to a car loan to credit cards. Once you improve your credit score, you can refinance your debts to save big money.

Request a reduction in the interest rate for your home equity line of credit. I did, and my mortgage company agreed to reduce the rate by more than 0. And if you are looking for a home equity loan, Quicken Loans is a great place to check out available options.

Transferring your balances can save you a ton of money as you pay off debt. Another option is to ask your current credit card company for an interest rate reduction. If your score has improved, you may qualify for a better rate. Start by asking your current mortgage lender about lower rates. This is obvious, but as soon as you fail to pay off the credit card in full , the high interest payments start to eat away at your monthly budget. If the temptation to spend more than you can pay on a credit card is too great, get rid of the credit card and ignore the previous tip!

Get organized to avoid missed payments. Get organized, and avoid those late payment penalties. Check out our picks for the 10 best money management apps. Some even have a feature to pay your bills straight from the app! If you do miss a payment, call your creditor, and ask to have the penalty removed.

Budget for regular maintenance of your vehicle, home, and appliances. Likewise, keeping your car in good shape is much cheaper, in the long run, than dealing with big repairs that could have been prevented. Learn some DIY skills. Plus, some DIY skills can become a fun hobby or even a money-making side gig. Pay your mortgage payments bi-weekly, rather than monthly. This lets you painlessly make an extra payment each year, which can add up quickly in the form of home equity!

Try to avoid the ATM. Pay your bills online. Auto-payment helps you avoid late fees, and you save on envelopes and postage! Consider shopping in cash. You could take cash only to the grocery store, or use only cash for other specific purposes. Limit your spending with an allowance. But you can keep it from getting out of hand by using an allowance system where you get a certain amount of money to spend on a weekly or monthly basis.

Keep your home organized. Sometimes you have to pay a bit up front to keep your home organized. But keeping things in proper places keeps you from buying more than you need.

Sometimes you spend money just because it happens to be in your checking account. Avoid this issue by automating your savings and putting a certain percentage of your paycheck into savings every payday.

Save on Health Get healthy. Your health will directly impact the cost of life insurance. Healthier people are likely to spend less on actual healthcare, too. And, in some cases, becoming healthier may reduce your health insurance premiums. Check out your estimated costs of smoking with this calculator. Need I say more? Buy generic over-the-counter medicines. They are exactly the same as their branded counterparts and cost less.

Shop around for healthcare procedures. Even the cost of a major surgery can vary depending on where you go. If possible, shop around before you have these procedures done. Save on Services Slow down your internet service. Request a discount on trash service.

For some reason, this is a highly competitive business. If you get a better offer in the mail for trash service, call your current trash company and ask them to beat the offer. My trash service has reduced its rates twice in six months to match competing offers. Never pay checking account fees. I hate bank fees. And if the bank happens to charge you one, ask them to reverse the fee or take your business to another bank. Get a rewards card. Many reward cards that pay out in cash or points that you can redeem for travel or products.

I recently traveled to my college reunion for free using points earned from a credit card. My favorite rewards card is Chase Freedom Unlimited. It does NOT have an annual fee. You can also check out my review of several travel reward credit cards.

Get rid of your home telephone. This is a great way to save money. If you do, consider reducing your service to the minimum, and only use the phone in an emergency. Consider VOiP telephone service. We use Internet phone service and have saved substantial money over Verizon service. Phone Power is a great option for internet telephone service. Eliminate some cable service. If you must have cable, take a look at all the charges on your cable bill, and consider getting rid of some of the service.

Try it for a month and see if you really miss those last channels. Cancel the gym membership. This seems to contradict the previous tip, but evaluate how much you really use your health club. Less expensive options may include a gym at your work or a gym at your local parks and recreation center. Some offer pay-as-you-go options rather than monthly fees, which can be helpful. Or you can save altogether by working out at home.

Pass on extended warranties.

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