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Instead of drawing the vapor into your mouth and then inhale, you directly inhale the vapor into your lungs. A number or clearomizers were designed for a maximum number of vape sessions: This gunk can interfere with the power coursing through the battery to the atomizer. Is vaping worse than smoking cigarettes? The Crown tank also comes with the ability to refill from the top or bottom. Still, e cig com coupon discount, they may be the best fortune to find a physical retailer selling the kinds of products for at a reasonable price.

It has a compact, rich design that is easy to carry around and fun to use. It has a very real tobacco taste without the combustion and produces good vapor quality. When activating a new session, each insert is timed to six minutes for optimal quality--intended to imitate a cigarette session. The product is a hybrid between the benefits of electronic cigarettes and the design of traditional types making it perfect for smokers looking to switch to vaping or even for occasional use.

Given the known dangers of smoking traditional cigarettes , switching to vaping or just implementing a sporadic alternative is a good option. Rather, the iQOS ecig heats the tobacco just prior to the point of combustion, producing tobacco-flavored vapor.

You will find a standard e-cig shaped device which fits comfortably in your hand and is great for on-the-go vaping. The package also includes a convenient charger and the tobacco HEET sticks that are used for vaping.

To charge your iQOS, you use the convenient pocket-sized charger which works very quickly. The HEETs are disposable tobacco sticks that resemble the butt of a cigarette and contain nicotine, VG, additional flavors, and tobacco. They look, feel and taste very similar to smoking regular cigarettes so smokers looking to cut back or quit smoking will find this product useful.

The kit functions as your carrying case, allowing you to conveniently keep all of your iQOS accessories in one place while out and about.

It very closely resembles smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette with its timing feature. Once you insert one of the HeatSticks into the chamber, you have either 6 minutes or 14 puffs whichever comes first to vape.

This does make the iQOS closely simulate smoking a cigarette. The battery is on the smaller side which is perfect for short vaping sessions but not so much for those who prefer to chain vape. It does require you to charge it frequently between sessions. The iQOS closely resembles normal e-cigs but is functionally different. The nicotine e-liquid, normally found in most e-cigarettes, is replaced by real tobacco in the form of smaller Marlboro cigarette facsimiles.

For those that must know exact dimensions, the iQOS weighs HEETS load easily into the unit, which feels rich and comfortable with a matte finish. These miniature cigarettes or HeatSticks are inserted into the heating device and vaped. Moreover, the tobacco is dipped in vegetable glycerin which helps to produce its high-quality vapor. The time to reach max heat is a little slow, especially to former smokers or even vapers who are used to cigarettes or vaping devices that heat up quickly or even instantaneously.

Vaping from the iQOS is comparable to the sensation of smoking cigarettes because of actual tobacco used in the heat sticks. When the tobacco stick is inserted and heated by the device, the amount of time you have to use the device is dependent on the number of puffs or time of use, whichever the smoker reaches first this gives the user a similar experience to smoking a traditional tobacco-filled cigarette. Aside from the slow heat time, the iQOS seems to be as close to a traditional cigarette as an e-cig can get.

Pop it open to reveal the bristles inside that are used to clean the interior of the IQOS from gunk and debris. Tap the IQOS for a short while until the debris comes out. IQOS does not leave the usual cigarette smell as no tar, no ash, and no burning is involved--the vapor actually has a pleasant scent.

For more troublesome debris, you can insert the IQOS back onto its charging dock and push the cleaning button. This will automatically heat up the unit until the more stubborn gunk dissolves. Between the two methods, cleaning the IQOS is pretty easy and convenient. There are subtleties within the sensation, odor, and cloud production of the vapor that make it stand out from other e-cigarettes.

The vapor from the iQOS provides the tobacco throat hit that smokers will recognize. The vapor is not overwhelming and it does not leave an acrid taste in the mouth. The actual vapor coming from the iQOS is similar to that of a standard e-cig reduced volume and quick to dissipate. This is mainly because it delivers the semblance of traditional smoking which its competitors, like the Phix , has some shortcomings.

If you are a former smoker who is looking for an e-cigarette that resembles this experience as closely as possible, the iQOS is likely a good choice. Those that are a little more open to ecig design and functionality will benefit from checking out the JUUL and the Phix as well. The iQOS electronic cigarette is also perfect to take on-the-go and is discreet for public use better than regular cigarettes. This review has been written by our staff to help you find the best vaporizer for your needs for more info about our review process click here.

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