Products are not usable except through use of Windows emulating software. In additon to access, teaching mode rationale can be turned on and off by the instructor to facilitate greater learning and retention. Products take lindsey jones discount coupon days to arrive. PST begin the shipment process that same day M-F. They can review anything they have done previously, for as long as they are granted membership by the coordinators.

Remotely control access to TMC exams, clinical simulations, and teaching mode at the click of a button. Enjoy unlimited streaming audio, TMC practice exams with feedback, and clinical simulations in both teaching and testing modes. Get a Quote Thanks to our Customers and Advisors The African country of Ghana occupies a region of what is known as the Ivory Coast, which is found on the western shelf sector of Africa. Through the University of Ghana, the country is improving the quality healthcare and meeting the specific needs of its communities.

In part, this is happening through the founding of a Respiratory Care educational program that seeks to establish the first licensed Respiratory Therapists in Ghana. In fact, RT licensure in Ghana will be a first for all of Africa. The movement is bound to result in improved healthcare, not only in the country but also in the surrounding regions, especially as it relates to respiratory care.

Respiratory care students must ultimately challenge a credentialing examination. We will be spending time in Ghana, gaining hands-on experience in their environment. From this experience, we will be better able to provide appropriate examination questions, relative to the healthcare needs of the people of Ghana.

LindseyJones is volunteering time and materials to support the first class of RTs. Funding will be used to cover travel and donated supplies to the new class of Respiratory Therapists. LindseyJones will help write the first RT credentialing examination. You Can Help We will spending a month in Africa to donate study materials and get acquainted with healthcare in Ghana.

We will be publishing a video documentary of this historic event. You can help through a small donation. This remarkable tool allows web-based schedule creation and automatic email notification of schedule changes to students and clinical sites. Use if for free for a semester and check it out. Choose from multiple exam forms, enjoy reporting against national levels, and easily administer secure assessment exams.

We are accepting question submissions for possible purchase and use on the new secure exams. In fact, it represents two separate individuals, Dr. Thomas Lindsey and Nadine Jones, both of which are deceased. In , founder Dennis Stanley, then a new respiratory therapist in Texas, gathered a small group of people whose sole purpose was to help respiratory therapy students prepare for and pass their CRT and RRT credentialing examinations.

As the company grew, eventually its creator found inspiration from two of his own ancestors, Dr. Thomas Lindsey and Nadine Jones. Thomas Lindsey was a country doctor who practiced in the rural areas surrounding Little Rock, Arkansas in the early nineteen hundreds.

Historical evidence, journals, and Dr. Among subsistence farmers and herders, Dr. Nadine Jones lived in our time. At age 46, while raising 4 children, she decided to attend college for the first time in her life. She was admitted to a local community college as a freshman. Nadine Jones completed her BS degree in psychology and began pursuit of a Master degree, during which she quickly discovered she had cancer.

During her struggle and fight with cancer, she continued on with her educational pursuits, even though some part of her knew she would never finish her degree.

She continued because of a deep love and belief in the importance of education. She passed away in , about the time that Dennis Stanley formed the now-called company LindseyJones.

Founder Dennis Stanley is the great great grandson of Dr. Thomas Lindsey and the son of Nadine Jones. On the one hand, we have Dr. Because LindseyJones is about medical education, Stanley explains, Dr. He maintains a passion for finding new ways to help others gain an understanding of complex medical issues, exercise greater critical thinking skills, and helps others launch into new medical careers.

Stanley has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. He has served in several hospital leadership roles and has overseen areas including pathology, laboratory, radiology, dietary, cardiology, and respiratory therapy among others.

He is currently serving as President of LindseyJones and is the author of three textbooks covering general respiratory therapy, neonatal pediatric, and adult critical care. He most enjoys direct interaction with students.

Stanley is an award-wining public speaker and can be heard in a variety of venues speaking on subjects ranging from Hemodynamics to Healthcare in general.

K. Jones, RRT. Topeka, KS. X. LindseyJones does not offer guarantee passing of any exam as background education, personal application and study practices are not known to LindseyJones or any of its representatives. The CRT RRT Review material and software is not intended for institutional use. Installation and use by a teaching institution. Respiratory Teaching institutions will find LindseyJones University is more affordable and provides access to more material than any other program. Starting at $47* per spot, per year, depending on the number of spots licensed. Remember, you controll who is in those spots. *at volume discount.

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