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This station gives direct access to the Galleria Dubai aquarium discount coupons. However, be warned that it will be quite a long wait to get into one These coupons are kid-friendly, and may even off you the chance to see live performances showcasing penguins, seals, and dolphins. Feel free to stay until 2 am! Unlike other onsens, this one has 6 spas on the premise targeting different parts of our body.

Also, you need to return to Kaiyukan after dark for the impressive illumination! The Santa Maria cruise ship is modeled after the sailing ship in which Columbus discovered America the New World , and it is 2 times larger than the original!

The tour departs hourly takes you on a voyage around the Osaka bay area in 45 minutes… Be warned that you could bump into some pirates onboard, but for sure, kids will love this course! Anyhow, the incredible view over Osaka bay is exciting enough! Just next to the food court selling American fast food, Surprise!!! A round trip, takes around 30 minutes, normally cost Yen.

We did not have time to visit USJ on this trip but we did take advantage of the complimentary cruise trip provided with our Osaka Amazing Pass. On our way back, we braved the wind to spend the entire journey back on the 2nd floor open deck. One interesting feature of the Captain Line is that members of the staff operating the cruise service, including all boat crews, are women, which is rare in Japan.

From the 55th floor observatory, we enjoyed identifying different landmarks of Osaka, as well as the ever-changing illumination on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel. The Suminoe Spa is one of the 2 onsens included in the Osaka Amazing Pass, and in my humble opinion, the best. Unlike other onsens, this one has 6 spas on the premise targeting different parts of our body.

I highly recommend going in the evening so that you can have the best night sleep right after the relaxing experience. How long do you normally visit an onsen? Feel free to stay until 2 am!

However, be warned that the public transport will stop working after 12 am Please check the schedule again to be sure! Today, we are time-traveling into the good old Osaka then called Naniwa! However, apparently great minds think alike, there were already tons of tourists at the site when we arrived. The staff advised us to tour from the highest floor down and so we did.

Overlooking the city of Osaka from the top floor makes us felt like the ruler Toyotomi Hideyoshi. If merely feeling it is not enough, you can even transform into a Sengoku period warlord or a princess on the 4th floor, with a fee. It is one of the newer attractions started since in commemoration of the th year since the Siege of Osaka! They even provided stylish Japanese hats, spot on!

We boarded the boat at the west side of the Gokuraku Bridge. Our guide also the boat captain toured us around the inner moat of Osaka Castle telling us interesting facts about the castle, inside and out. We were informed that the boat was constructed and painted this way all gold due to the fact that Hideyoshi loved gold deeply.

The tour only last 20 minutes. It is a huge lawn with cherry blossom trees, hence you can imagine the magnificent view during spring when all flowers are at their best! Admission is yen during other seasons and yen during cherry blossom season. Some of the most impressive features of this museum are the true-size restoration of the Naniwa Palace of the Nara period and some nostalgia-inducing retro streets of the early Showa Period.

Apart from that, the view of the Osaka Castle from the tops floors was pretty amazing. It was closer to the Golden Wasen but then we decided to backtrack to enjoy the garden and museums. Well, not too bad, all these transiting only took us 16 minutes. I was fooled as well. Luckily, the Japanese understand the difficulty so they printed a map for that.

After 25 minutes trying to find the place, we made it at 4 pm, which was about 30 minutes to sunset during early winter. When we went through the see-through escalator, we were enchanted… I never loved a city that much, the architecture in Japan was simply too mind-blowing!

We went back to Osaka Station just beside Umeda Station and took our second Ferris Wheel ride in Osaka, this time is to gaze upon the beautiful skyline of Umeda! Every landmark were easily identified with the clues drawn inside each gondola. However, be warned that it will be quite a long wait to get into one The queue at this ride was incomparable to the one at the Ferris Wheel.

We got in within 10 minutes. Dotombori is by far the most razzle-dazzle touristy neighborhood in Osaka, and there is where you can find the Glico man! But first thing first, you need to go exchange tickets for the Tombori River Cruise before anything else… and then go order your favorite takoyaki, take a selfie with Mr. You need to be there 10 minutes before the ride. This minute cruise will bring you down the Dotombori river, passing through the bustle of Minami area and the 9 bridges over the river.

It is a fun way to get to know downtown… plus, the boat will make a quick stop in front Glico man for a photo session. Last night in Osaka? Your Osaka Amazing pass is not yet past due. If you are feeling determined, feel free to board the Sakaisuji Sunway red line to Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome station and visit Naniwa Hot Spring. Again, remember to be back before 12! The itinerary that put your Osaka Amazing Pass into full use! If you are still in doubt, here is a table to help you with the math!

Where to stay in Osaka? In my opinion, staying around Namba is like having the whole Osaka at your doorstep. I highly recommend that area, but unfortunately, not my Airbnb.

If you are ever in Namba searching for a suitable place to stay, there are some If you have better recommendations, let me know!

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